Question Everything

Having tried the Question Everything approach to relationships, the world, life…I am now questioning the process of questioning everything.
Hmmm? Makes sense to me. You?



Usually not timid at new technology, though I keep it plain and simple, the blog has remained elusive to me for years. OK…I have remained elusive, not really understanding what the blogosphere was all about.

Adventures into the blog-zone were nearly always at the request of friends out traveling the world. The uncountable posts are beyond my understanding. Folks have a lot to say…I guess.

So I really stepped out when suggesting a young friend create a blog to document her travels.  As I explored blog resources, Dr. Google suggested WordPress. OK. As I got myself hopelessly lost in WordPress, traveling friend sent me a link to her new blog.

Then, serendipitously or by way of the “eye in the sky”, another blog link appeared on the side of the screen with the names of two of our friends in canada. And, it was our friends’ blog! They were as amazed as I was to upon finding the entries as they had not visited the site in ver a year. Guarded, if not suspicious, I even added a comment to their (old) entry.

So…I am off and blogging, even creating a blathering one right here and now. Will publish and let it ride for now.

Great handfuls of palpable goodness to share.